Head Coach - Adrian

•    MMA Black Belt
•    BJJ Black Belt 2nd Degree
•    Coaches MMA, BJJ & Kids classes
•    Favourite statement: ‘It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun’
•    Loves a challenge, loves his PUMMA team more

Coach - Jonata

•    BJJ Black Belt
•    Coaches MMA & BJJ
•    All round good guy – ‘un gars gentil’ – with many feathers in his cap 

•    Jonata runs JP Muscle Therapy in the upstairs area of our gym, offering a range of massage 
therapy services to our members and the public

Coach - Henrik

•    BJJ Black Belt
•    Coaches MMA & BJJ
•    Fan of Swedish Jiu Jitsu, his alter ego is ‘Sam’ (Swedish Armbar Machine)

Coach - Kallen

•    BJJ Brown Belt 

•    Coaches BJJ, morning class specialist 

•    Prefers BJJ in the gi – ask him why 

•    Most dangerous guy on the mats.

Coach - Jae

•    BJJ Purple Belt
•    Coaches BJJ, morning class specialist
•   Resident artist responsible for our mural artwork and t-shirt designs
•   Chef, handyman extraordinaire…basically we’d be lost without him

Academy Manager - Lee

•    Manages memberships, answers your fee enquiries and other enquiries
•    Loves greeting the PUMMA team at the door (2 legged and 4 legged varieties)
•    Updates our ‘Quote of the Week’ board with some cool quotes to make you think!